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Peru Cajamarca


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San Ignacio Estate

A light bodied and medium strength bean with low acidity and a vanilla-nut-tone, sweet distinctive specialty origin that deserves appreciation.

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Grind Type
Whole Bean Grind your own beans, just how you like them Cafetiere Grind A coarse grind perfect for a longer brew time. Paper Filter Grind Medium-fine grind, perfect for Chemex or v60s Espresso Grind A fine grind, perfect for espresso machines
227g 227 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 500g 500 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 1kg One kilo of fine, gourmet coffee
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Background Information

Peru is situated in the West of South America and is known for its biodiversity. The varied landscape ranges from great plains to the mountainous Andes. Peru coffee is a favoured South American coffee, grown at an altitude of over 1400 metres. Our Peruvian coffee is Fairtrade certified, ensuring responsible farming and trading practises for the local community, where coffee is harvested from July to September.

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