RoastersThe Indy Coffee story began in 2006 – a story not so different from many other entrepreneurs. At the time operating a small business centre in Yorkshire.

Inside the centre we had a small coffee shop as well as a conference centre where we hosted events and catered for the many guests that walked through the doors.

Our goal back then was to simply provide a quality cup of coffee that our clients and local customers would enjoy so much they would return for more and we could get the coffee community traveling to us for our brew.

At that time we only had limited coffee suppliers to choose from and most seemed to be from the London area and were unfortunately charging Mayfair prices; nonetheless they demanded volume orders which meant the coffee was going to sit with our then modest orders and not retain its freshness. Still wanting to achieve our goals, our passion was to be more involved with the process of tasting and experimenting with the beans.

In the early days we struggled to find suppliers that could give us what we were looking for. In turn we decided to do something about it. After extensive research and lots of false starts we decided that we would jump both feet into the market, look for some import suppliers and start roasting our own beans.

Sourcing a roaster was the first obstacle. Getting it over to England was the next. Then the roasting itself. What had we got ourselves into!!

Several burnt beans later, and keeping to the basics, we honed our craft of the roast, now seeking nothing less than perfection in every aspect of the process.

In the beginning days, travelling around the country and getting pointers from some of the finest roasters, was a truly humbling experience and one that will always be remembered. We appreciate those days so much so, that any aspiring coffee roaster will always be welcomed at our roastery for a tutorial with one of our Indy Roasters.

Little did we know that what started as a mission to provide the best beans in the business, had enabled us to use old school roasting methods, that would connect people in such a way in creating a common purpose. Simple is good, “Love, Live & Drink Good Coffee!”