• Brazil Santos Sao Paulo with Beans Brazil Santos Sao Paulo

    Brazil Santos São Paulo


    Bourbon Catura

    The strongest aromatic note of this coffee is undoubtedly the cocoa, with its chocolate nuances: the intensity of this smell is almost identical to that of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain. Santos yields a lowly acidic and light-bodied brew.
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    Dominican Barahona with Beans Dominican Barahona

    Dominican Barahona


    High Grown Arabica

    Grown on the slopes of the mountain range, Barahona is a strong tasting coffee that leans toward a somewhat more acidic and heavier-bodied cup. Closer to the better Jamaican and Puerto Rico coffees in quality and characteristics, its chocolate nutty flavours mix with a sweet spicy after-taste to leave a smooth caramel finish.
  • El-Salvador-San-Antonio-with-Beans-500x703-1-400x562 El Salvador San Antonio

    El Salvador San Antonio


    Amatepec Strictly High Grown

    A wonderfully creamy coffee, honey and caramel sweetness with rich chocolate flavours. Vibrant and complex.
  • Ethiopia Natural Djimmah with Beans Ethiopia Natural Djimmah

    Ethiopia Natural Djimmah


    Kaffa Forest Harvested

    This delicious natural-processed coffee comes from small holdings based around the Illubabor and Kaffa regions at elevations from 4,400 to 6,000 feet above sea level. It is strongly aromatic of honeysuckle and bergamot. The taste has great balance with ripe strawberry, blueberry muffin and lasting coffee, chocolate and mocha flavours.
  • Sumatra Mandheling Sumatra Mandheling

    Sumatra Mandheling


    Takengon Jagong Mill

    Exotic and earthy Mandheling coffee often exhibits tones of sweet chocolate and liquorice. A well-developed coffee because of the rich volcanic soil and tropical climate. Sumatra Mandheling could be placed at the top of the list of the best coffees from Sumatra. Brimming with elegance and depth it has a multi-layered acidity.