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India Mysore Tiger


Monsoon Processed

A rich full bodied coffee, with medium acidity and a unique taste. Hints of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg can be detected as a result of the trees that grow alongside the coffee plants. A smooth all round premium cup.

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Grind Type
Whole Bean Grind your own beans, just how you like them Cafetiere Grind A coarse grind perfect for a longer brew time. Paper Filter Grind Medium-fine grind, perfect for Chemex or v60s Espresso Grind A fine grind, perfect for espresso machines
227g 227 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 500g 500 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 1kg One kilo of fine, gourmet coffee
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Background Information

Around 80% of Indian coffee originates from Karnataka, where Indian Mysore Coffee comes from. Beans exposed to the monsoon winds are classed as Monsoon Malabar.

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