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    Serrano Lavado Superior

    Medium to dark roast With a distinctive rich body & lingering aftertaste. Medium strength with a Swiss cocoa finish. Excellent espresso, fabulous in a blend.
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    Dominican Barahona with Beans Dominican Barahona

    Dominican Barahona


    High Grown Arabica

    Grown on the slopes of the mountain range, Barahona is a strong tasting coffee that leans toward a somewhat more acidic and heavier-bodied cup. Closer to the better Jamaican and Puerto Rico coffees in quality and characteristics, its chocolate nutty flavours mix with a sweet spicy after-taste to leave a smooth caramel finish.
  • India Malabar Mugli with Beans India Malabar Mugli

    India Malabar Mugli


    Monsoon Processed Arabica

    A strong and intense coffee, that when medium to dark roasted is ideal for espresso. A viscous body, low acidity with syrupy dark coca and cinnamon tones.
  • Indonesia-Java-with-Beans-500x703-1-400x562 Indonesia Java

    Indonesia Java


    Bayukidul Estate

    A coffee with a smooth yet lively flavour, a bright acidity, rich citrus, tangerine, sweet paprika, green grape, with a refreshingly clean taste. Unlike most Indonesian coffees it has a citrus edge that offers a zesty finish.
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    Delicately intense. Rose-like flowers, cardamom, honey, a savory carob-like chocolate in aroma and cup. Soft but drying acidity; lively, lightly creamy-textured mouthfeel. Some flavour persists in a sweet though drying finish. Complex cup with mouth-filling qualities. Citrus acidity. Maple, sugar cane, nutmeg.
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