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Kenya Kisii Estate


Wet Processed Peaberry

This Kenyan coffee comes from the Kangema district. Medium to dark roasted it is rich in blackcurrant with tones of nutmeg with a well balanced and sweet after taste.

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Grind Type
Whole Bean Grind your own beans, just how you like them Cafetiere Grind A coarse grind perfect for a longer brew time. Paper Filter Grind Medium-fine grind, perfect for Chemex or v60s Espresso Grind A fine grind, perfect for espresso machines
227g 227 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 500g 500 grams of fine, gourmet coffee 1kg One kilo of fine, gourmet coffee
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Background Information

Kenya is among the foremost of African coffee producing nations with an altitude and climate similar to its northerly neighbour Ethiopia. The topography combined with acidic soil provides excellent growing conditions for Arabica. Normally the fruit of the coffee plant contains two seeds that develop with flattened facing sides. In Peaberry only one of the two seeds is fertilized. This single seed develops into an oval known as Peaberry. Peaberry coffees are particularly associated with Tanzanian & Kenyan Coffee.

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