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    Delicately intense. Rose-like flowers, cardamom, honey, a savory carob-like chocolate in aroma and cup. Soft but drying acidity; lively, lightly creamy-textured mouthfeel. Some flavour persists in a sweet though drying finish. Complex cup with mouth-filling qualities. Citrus acidity. Maple, sugar cane, nutmeg.
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    Serrano Lavado Superior

    Medium to dark roast With a distinctive rich body & lingering aftertaste. Medium strength with a Swiss cocoa finish. Excellent espresso, fabulous in a blend.
  • Brazil Santos São Paulo


    Bourbon Catura

    The strongest aromatic note of this coffee is undoubtedly the cocoa, with its chocolate nuances: the intensity of this smell is almost identical to that of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain. Santos yields a lowly acidic and light-bodied brew.
  • Colombia Medelin


    Bucaramanga Excelso Arabica

    Bucaramanga offers a rich acidity, medium-bodied, citrusy flavour, with a clean and sweet aftertaste.
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    Peru Cajamarca


    San Ignacio Estate

    A light bodied and medium strength bean with low acidity and a vanilla-nut-tone, sweet distinctive specialty origin that deserves appreciation.
  • Papua New Guinea


    Enorga Okapa Valley

    A full and rich body. Sweet, nutty, yet citrus and stone fruit flavours can also be detected. A wonderfully complete cup.
  • Guatemala San Francisco


    Cotzal Bourbon Wet Processed

    The cup has marked acidity with an intense body and an enticing aroma. The Plants are grown alongside macadamia nuts, lemon orchards and avocado groves and these are all reflected in the subtle, but lasting, tones. A good example of a stunning Guatemalan coffee it displays a malty sweetness.
  • Costa Rica Tarrazú


    Mountain Valley Rivers

    This coffee's rich and vibrant, lively flavours, fragrant aromas of soft spices, include hazelnut and nutmeg. Along with its cup bursting with buttery caramel tones it has a bright, clean acidity, refined and well-balanced.
  • India Malabar Mugli


    Monsoon Processed Arabica

    A strong and intense coffee, that when medium to dark roasted is ideal for espresso. A viscous body, low acidity with syrupy dark coca and cinnamon tones.
  • India Mysore Tiger


    Monsoon Processed

    A rich full bodied coffee, with medium acidity and a unique taste. Hints of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg can be detected as a result of the trees that grow alongside the coffee plants. A smooth all round premium cup.
  • Indonesia Java


    Bayukidul Estate

    A coffee with a smooth yet lively flavour, a bright acidity, rich citrus, tangerine, sweet paprika, green grape, with a refreshingly clean taste. Unlike most Indonesian coffees it has a citrus edge that offers a zesty finish.
  • El Salvador San Antonio


    Amatepec Strictly High Grown

    A wonderfully creamy coffee, honey and caramel sweetness with rich chocolate flavours. Vibrant and complex.


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