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  • Colombia Medelin with Beans Colombia Medelin Bucaramanga

    Colombia Medelin


    Bucaramanga Excelso Arabica

    Bucaramanga offers a rich acidity, medium-bodied, citrusy flavour, with a clean and sweet aftertaste.
  • Brazil Santos Sao Paulo with Beans Brazil Santos Sao Paulo

    Brazil Santos São Paulo


    Bourbon Catura

    The strongest aromatic note of this coffee is undoubtedly the cocoa, with its chocolate nuances: the intensity of this smell is almost identical to that of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain. Santos yields a lowly acidic and light-bodied brew.
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    Colombia Mountain Water with Beans Colombia Mountain Water

    Colombia Mountain Water


    Supremo Decaffeinated

    An extremely fresh flavourful bean for decaf that has a very pleasant fruity note, this translates into the fresh extraction of the cup. Mountain water can often surprise with its full depth of flavour. The perfect choice for a decaffeinated coffee.
  • Peru-Cajamarca-with-Beans-500x703-1-400x562 Peru Cajamarca

    Peru Cajamarca


    San Ignacio Estate

    A light bodied and medium strength bean with low acidity and a vanilla-nut-tone, sweet distinctive specialty origin that deserves appreciation.